The Foothills Dulcimer Club

presents the

14th Annual Mid-Winter

Mountain Dulcimer Festival

(Workshops & Concerts)


February 2, 2013


Workshops: 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Concert (free & open to the public): 5:00 p.m.

@ Christ Covenant Church; Shelby, NC

1050 Sam Lattimore Road  

Shelby, NC 28152









Workshop Flyer (pdf)

Hotels in Shelby



Workshop Schedule

8:30  – Registration & Introduction of Instructors

9:15  – Session I

10:30 - Break

11:00 – Session 2

12:15 p.m. – Lunch*

1:30  – Session 3

2:45  - Break

3:15  - Session 4

4:30  - Break - or Jamming

5:00  - Concert

 *  The club includes lunch at no extra charge if you are a preregistered participant.  If you have a non-participant with you, he/she may eat with us for $7.  The club has a well-deserved reputation of doing a great lunch!

 * During lunch there will be a short, free concert featuring some of our instructors.


Below is a schedule of classes.  A few more are yet to be listed.  A description of each class is listed below the schedule in alphabetical order.  At this point there is a possibility some of these workshops could be changed or moved to a different time.  The schedule will be settled by the first of January.


Room #

Room #

Room #

Room #

Room #

1st Period Workshops

9:15 a.m. – 10:30

Basic Mtn Dulcimer I

(Beginning Beginner)


Calypso, Anyone?


(Susan Trump)


Nov & Up

(Mike Clemmer)

Capo, Anyone?

Beg & Up

(Judy House)

Slow & Sensitive Celtic


(Joe Collins)

2nd Period Workshops

11:00 – 12:15 p.m.

Basic Mtn Dulcimer II

(Beginning Beginner)


Beginning, Endings, & In-Between


(Susan Trump)

Fun Songs

Nov & up

(Don Pedi)

Make Your Own Precious Memories!

Int - Adv

(Judy House)

Cohan Tunes

Int - Adv

(Bradley Ellis)

LUNCH w/ Concert

12:15 – 1:20

A great lunch is available on site and is included in your pre-registered workshop fee.  Concert will feature Mike Clemmer, Don Pedi, Flat Mountain Dulcimers

3rd Period Workshops

1:30 – 2:45

Traditional Music for Beginners


(Don Pedi)

Harmony Shapes


(Susan Trump)

Trains & Railroad Tunes

Int - Adv

(Gary Sager)

Bass & Chorded Dulcimer

Nov & up

(Mike Clemmer)

Playing in Dulcimer Ensembles - Music or . . .

Nov & up


4th Period Workshops

3:15 – 4:30

Waltz Across the Strings!

Beg - Nov

(Judy House)

Rounds & Duets


(Susan Trump)

Ragtime Tunes

Int - Adv

(Bradley Ellis)

The "Drone Noter" Method

Beg - Nov

(Mike Clemmer)

Traditional Songs & Tunes

Int & up

(Don Pedi)



Community Concert

Free to the public!

5:00 - 6:30 p.m.

Concert will feature Gary Sager, Judy House, Joe Collins/Bradley Ellis, Susan Trump

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Class Descriptions (alphabetical order)

BanJammer (Novice-Advanced).  How to get the most out of your banjammer or your dulcimer that you would like to turn into a banjammer someday! (Instructor: Mike Clemmer)

Basic Mountain Dulcimer - Getting Started (Part I) (Beginner Beginner).   A workshop that covers all the basics one needs to get started on the instrument including tuning, holding the instrument, basic noting technique, what to do, and what not to do as a beginning player.  We'll be learning a few basic tunes. (Instructors: Nancy Galambush and Margit Roberson)

Basic Mountain Dulcimer - Getting Started (Part  II)  (Beginner Beginner).  Continuation of the workshop above.  (Instructors: Nancy Galambush and Margit Roberson)

Bass and Chorded Dulcimer (Novice and up). How to expand the range of your group, with or without a bass dulcimer. If you have a bass dulcimer, bring it with you. (Instructor: Mike Clemmer)

Beginnings, Endings and In-Between (Advanced). Remember those classic introductory licks from the Beatles and Mama's and Papas and even Beethoven that let you name that tune in three notes or less?  Let's spruce up your arrangements by learning to add interesting introductions, interludes and endings to your tunes and songs. (Instructor: Susan Trump)

Calypso, Anyone? (Intermediate & Up). Learning songs using the calypso strum and variations will be a great way to focus on the right hand and develop some real independence. We'll explore some that you know and some new or old tunes from the Islands and maybe an original tune as well! (Instructor: Susan Trump)

Capo Anyone? (Beginner and Up).  Use a capo to play in a wide variety of keys!  Learn the what, when, where, and why of the capo.  You must bring a capo with you to participate in class.  Joe will have one you can borrow in the store if you do not have one.  (Instructor:  Judy House)

Cohan Tunes (Intermediate-Advanced).  George M. Cohan is considered to be the father of Broadway Musical Comedy.  Cohan toured Vaudeville with his parents and sister.  He was known as “the man who owned Broadway”.  Cohan published over 300 original songs.  He was one of the most honored entertainers of all time.  Pres. Franklin D Roosevelt presented him the Congressional Gold Medal for his two great patriotic songs, “Over There” and “You’re a Grand Ole Flag,” which we will learn in this workshop.  We will also do “Yankee Doodle Boy” and “Harrigan.” (Instructor: Bradley Ellis)

Fun Songs (Novice/Intermediate).  Traditional songs that bring a smile (Instructor:  Don Pedi)

Harmony Shapes (Novice). Using one or two simple two-finger chord shapes you can create a very rich and full sound for a lovely effect! You'll love this technique. Beautiful tunes made EASY!  (Instructor:  Susan Trump)

Make Your Own Precious Memories! (Intermediate).  An ensemble workshop. Come make beautiful music together as we learn multiple parts for the hymn “Precious Memories” and begin to develop the skills needed to play well together!  Being in an ensemble and understanding how the different parts relate to each other can actually reinforce your solo playing!  (Instructor:  Judy House)

Playing in Dulcimer Ensembles – Music or Buzzing Bees? (Novice to Intermediate).  How to add some variety to your club or small ensemble's music so that it is not overwhelmed by drones.  Includes back up chords, playing on bass string, harmonies, adding other instruments, etc.  (Instructors: Nancy Galambush and Margit Roberson)

Ragtime Tunes (Intermediate – Advanced). The musical term “Rag” comes from the ragtime music that was popular between 1887 and World War 1.  A rag is a musical form that is defined as a syncopated melody (usually in 2/4 time) over a regular march tempo bass line.  Ragtime is more commonly thought of as piano music, although it is very suited to be played on a dulcimer.  It is somewhat like our mountain folk melodies.  Both of these types of music have history in Afro-American music.  Rags were written to appeal to the masses and popular dance trends of the time.  “Victory Rag”, “Pig Ankle Rag”, “Dill Pickle Rag” and “Fishing Blues” have no listed composers and are in various tunings (Instructor: Bradley Ellis)

Rounds and Duets (Intermediate & up). Play at least two-part arrangements with others in a dulcimer “orchestra.” Playing together is a skill that incudes learning to listen to and for the other parts, playing with feeling, dynamics and more. (Instructor: Susan Trump)

Slow and Sensitive Celtic Tunes (Intermediate/Advanced).  This is a repertoire workshop that will focus on more than just playing the right notes.  We will work on playing with great feeling. using some arrangements that lend themselves to sensitive playing.  The tunes include “Loch Lomond,” “Star of the County Down,” “From Erin’s Shores,” and “Gaelic Air.”  Great additions to your Celtic repertoire! (Instructor: Joe Collins)

The "Drone Noter" Method. (Beginner/Novice).  Simple and traditional sounds on the mountain dulcimer. (Instructor: Mike Clemmer)

Traditional Music for Beginners  (Beginners). Strumming and noting (fingering) techniques for beginners. (Instructor: Don Pedi)

Traditional Songs and Tunes (Intermediate). Versions learned first hand from a variety of sources in a lineage tracing back to the 1800s. Some from field recordings of past masters.  (Instructor: Don Pedi)

Trains & Railroad Tunes (Intermdiate & up). - Come learn some great train tunes! We will learn three tunes that may or may not be familiar to you. We will combine a little strumming with some flatpicking.  (Instructor: Gary Sager)

Waltz Across the Strings! (Advanced Beginner and Up).  An introduction to playing in 3/4 time, or Waltz Time.  We will start with several strumming techniques for the right hand, then take a look at a couple of well-known songs to change into waltzes and apply the strumming techniques, then finally, learn  to play a couple of beautiful waltzes on our dulcimers. (Instructor:  Judy House)

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Address for your GPS: 1050 Sam Lattimore Road; Shelby, NC 28152

From I-85:  Take the Kings Mountain/Shelby exit (74 West).  Proceed on 74 Bypass until it intersects 150 in front of Shelby High School.  Turn left onto 150.  Go 4 miles to Sam Lattimore Road.  Turn right on to Sam Lattimore RD just before you get to a Chevron gas station.  Christ Covenant Church is immediately behind the gas station.  It does not look like a typical church - no steep, no windows.  It is a converted factory.  Come around to the back side of the church where there is a set of glass doors.

From 74 West:  Come into Shelby on 74 Bypass.  Proceed on 74 Bypass East until it intersects 150 in front of Shelby High School.  Turn right onto 150.  Go 4 miles to Sam Lattimore Road.  Turn right on to Sam Lattimore RD just before you get to a Chevron gas station.  Christ Covenant Church is immediately behind the gas station.  It does not look like a typical church - no steep, no windows.  It is a converted factory.  Come around to the back side of the church where there is a set of glass doors.

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Registration Information

Pre-Registration - before January 25, 2013

Workshop, Lunch, and all concerts:  $40


Registration - $50 dollars after January 25, including paying at the door.  Does not include lunch, but lunch will be available for $7 as long as the food lasts.  Those who pre-register will go through the line first.


For registration forms, directions, and the interface to pay online click HERE.  After you register, you will be taken to a page with an advertisement.  Just go to the very top of the page and click on the little hotlink that says "continue." (Right after "Form Sent")


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About the Instructors

Susan Trump is a singer whose gentle voice and story songs you won't forget.  She has been a favorite instructor and performer on the dulcimer scene since 1989.  Susan has written three books, has recorded four solo CD's, and has produced three volumes of the widely acclaimed CD series, “Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer,” featuring instrumental selections from many of the finest players in the country.

Her latest project is “Lessons in Your Living Room,” a monthly subscription series of lessons which includes arrangements for novice-intermediate players, back-up chords, and duet parts with printed TAB and instruction for all parts on CD.

Links: Susan's Website

Joe Collins began playing the dulcimer in the late 70s and has been a popular instructor/performer in festivals around the country for over a decade.  He has five recordings and has had 9 popular tab books to his credit as well as a number of championships, including the 2007 National Mountain Dulcimer Championship.  Joe loves teaching and has a doctorate in Adult Education.  In addition to teaching dulcimer, he teaches Sunday School at his church and Discipleship Studies at Gardner-Webb University.  Thus he has plenty of opportunity to share the two greatest passions in his life:  his music and his faith in Christ.


Links:  Joe's Website

Don Pedi has been collecting, preserving and performing traditional Appalachian music for more than four decades. Don has spent most of his life working, playing music and living alongside old time country musicians in North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia.  He’s developed a playing style that translates the older style fiddle and banjo tunes, ballads and songs to the dulcimer, while maintaining the traditional rhythms and stylistic sensibilities.

A gentle and humorous teacher, Don’s shares his love of traditional music and the mountain dulcimer in a class setting that is supportive and non competitive.

Links: Don's Website

Flat Mountain Dulcimers,

Nancy Galambush first encountered the sound of a Mountain Dulcimer on a family trip to the Smokey Mountains in the ‘60’s.  In 1997 her husband, JC Bradshaw, offered to make one if she’d learn to play it.  She took him up on his offer.  Since then she has attended workshops and brought the knowledge home to others in eastern North Carolina, where she was a founding member of Waterbound Dulcimers.

Margit Roberson was introduced to the dulcimer years ago, when she bought one for her husband from a Sears and Roebuck catalog.  It was soon forgotten. Years later she met JC Bradshaw and Nancy Galambush and was reintroduced to it.  She originally thought she couldn’t play because she could not read music and didn’t have any musical background. but she did learn by going to workshops and playing with Waterbound.  

Nancy and Margit play along with Margit’s husband Dave in Flat Mountain Dulcimers (pictured to the left), an ensemble which includes the guitar, mandolin, cello and wash board in their arrangements.  They have produced a couple of really fine CDs with traditional and contemporary songs with a "dulcimer twist.""

Judy House is a retired teacher, where she taught various subjects from pre-school through graduate school levels. Currently Judy is teaching dulcimer classes at Forsyth Technical Community College and also has a number of private students.  She recently completed a unique program at Western Carolina’s Dulcimer University, where she studied dulcimer teaching, the first of its kind in the US.  She enjoys playing with the Brookridge Dulcimer Club in Winston-Salem as well as the Triad Dulcimer Players, and has played with a number of area musicians for various functions including church worship services, receptions, and other celebrations.

Mike Clemmer is well known for his unique, high quality dulcimers that he builds and sells in Townsend, TN at Wood-n-Strings Dulcimer Shoppe.  Over twenty years ago, an acquaintance asked Mike to help him catch up on his dulcimer orders. Armed with years of experience repairing violins and guitars, Mike accepted the challenge and learned the art of dulcimer building. "If you had a blank check, what would you want to do?" Connie Clemmer asked her husband, Mike. After talking and praying about it, Mike realized what he wanted ... his own shop for building and selling handcrafted mountain dulcimers.  Its been a labor of love ever since. 

Mike's long sought dream-come-true has evolved from his life-long love of many types of music, playing, singing and his reputation for repairing, trading and buying instruments.  What many people don't know is that Mike is also a very fine player.  He and his wife Connie have just released a great CD that demonstrates his unique stylings on the instrument, and we look forward to what he has to offer as in instructor.

Bradley Ellis is the 2012 National Mountain Dulcimer Champion, the youngest champion in the 40-year history of the event held every year in Winfield, KS.  He is a student of several instruments including piano and saxophone, and he has played the dulcimer for five years.  At the age of seven, Bradley was in the living room with his grandfather, whom he calls Paw Ray, and started strumming a dulcimer. Paw Ray Anthony makes dulcimers, so he asked Bradley if he wanted to learn how to play the instrument. He got on the floor with his grandson and the rest is history.

Bradley has many opportunities to play for events in the area even as a 12-year old, and it looks like those opportunities are just going to keep on expanding.  He recently released his debut CD entitled "Red-Haired Boy," and he'll have a few for sale at the festival.

Bradley has been a member of the Foothills Dulcimer Club of Shelby for as long as he has been playing the dulcimer, and we are so proud of this amazing young musician.

Gary Sager became interested in the Mountain Dulcimer in 1991 after seeing David Schnaufer's "Fischer's Hornpipe" video on CMT. He built a dulcimer in late 1991, then began building seriously in 1992 and has been building and playing since that time. Gary, along with wife Toni are the owners of "Prussia Valley Dulcimers Acoustic Music Shop" in Waverly, Ohio. Gary has taught playing workshops in festivals around the country and has performed with his wife Toni, who plays the autoharp. Gary has also served at the “Dulcimer Doctor” at several major festivals because of his excellent lutherie skills.  Gary is in the center of a lot of jams, with a great knowledge of traditional music, but he also pulls out a lot of stuff one doesn’t normally hear on the dulcimer.

Links:  Prussia Valley Dulcimers


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Hotels in the Shelby Area


We have not reserved a block of rooms in any of the following hotels.  As far as I know, all of these hotels are in pretty good shape and are moderately priced.  The newest hotel is the AmericInn, followed by the Holiday Inn and the Hampton Inn.  You must call the hotel to make reservations.


AmericInn (800-634-3444)

428 E College Avenue, Boiling Springs, NC 28017

About 3.6 miles from the workshop


America's Best Value Inn (704-482-3821 or 1-800-997-5148)

825 West Dixon Blvd.; Shelby, NC 28152

About 5.1 miles from the workshop. 


Days Inn  (704-482-1800)

1431 West Dixon Boulevard; Shelby, NC 28152

About 5.9 miles from the workshop.


Super 8 (704-484-2101 or 1-800-997-5148)

1716 East Dixon Boulevard; Shelby, NC 28152

About 6 miles from the workshop.


Holiday Inn Express  (704-480-0881 or 1-800-997-5149)

2001 East Dixon Blvd, Hwy 74; Shelby, NC 28152

About 7.3 miles from the workshop.


Hampton Inn  (704-482-5666 or 1-800-230-4134)

2012 East Marion St; Shelby, NC 28152

About 7.5  miles from the workshop.


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