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Please indicate approximately the level at which you play the mountain dulcimer. Beginner: I'm brand new to the instrument or I'm so new that I still need more practice and instruction in basic playing skills.
Novice: Still relatively inexperienced, but I know how to play a few songs and know how to figure out how to play a basic song with tablature.  I'm learning some basic chords.
Intermediate: Pretty proficient at using tablature and/or playing by ear to learn a variety of music. Understand and can apply chords relatively easily in my playing.
Advanced: Understand and can apply chords and often adapt different chords to music. Feel comfortable flatpicking, strumming, or finger-picking in a wide variety of rythmns, speeds, and dynamics.
Preregistration price is $40 and includes workshops, a great lunch, and two concerts. Registration after February 11 is $50 and does not include lunch. Lunch is $7 but cannot be guaranteed for those who do not pre-register. Choose one of the following payment methods: Check by mail (Make check payable to Jim Blair. Send to Foothills Festival, c/o Jim Blair; 1008 Castlewood DR; Shelby, NC 28150).  Your pre-registration is not complete until we receive payment.
MasterCard or Visa - A processing fee of $1.50 will be added. (When you finish this form, you will be returned to a page where you will have the option of paying with your credit card.)
At the door - Assumes that you will be paying full registration price for everything.

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